03.03.2007 - WE: Designer to the Stars s Jess a jeji rodinou
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Autor:  Whill [ 05 bře 2007, 04:13 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  03.03.2007 - WE: Designer to the Stars s Jess a jeji rodinou

Moc hezke nove video, mate tam pokupe Alba's familii :) ..tak pak pisnete co na to rikate :wink: [28.2 MB, 11:29 min., *.wmv] (RapidShare)

Kari Whitman navrhuje interiery pro ruzne zname osobnosti, ktere si ji pozvou a na kabelovce WE bezi serial, kde jsou pak jednotlive upravy interieru zverejnovany. Prave vcera (3.3.2007) byla odvysilana epizoda s Jessicou, ktera si najala K. Whitman pro prestavbu kuchyne svych rodicu, ktere tak chce prekvapit.

Tady jsem udelal par screenu:

Obrázek Obrázek
Obrázek Obrázek
Obrázek Obrázek
Obrázek Obrázek

Dalsi info:

In today's episode, Kari gets a new client. Jessica Alba wants to surprise her parents by remodeling their kitchen, and she hires Kari to design it. It promises to be a big job – almost as big as Kari's next assignment – to hire a new assistant, to complement her overworked staff of three....

Premieres Saturday, March 3 at 10|9c

Jessica Alba's big surprise for her parents? A remodeled kitchen designed by Kari Whitman! The bigger job for Kari – hiring a new assistant! Will the interviews prove to be as comically painful as Kari imagines?

After a shopping excursion for the ultimate Italian farm sink, Kari's idea of a perfect evening is a night on the town with her best girlfriend and beloved canines at a fashion-forward dog show.

The next day it's back to business and on her way for a granite countertop, Kari rushes to the rescue of what appears to be a stray dog in the parking lot. Turns out the dog has an owner, though he may not be, by the time Kari gets through with him!

Kari's nonstop work schedule finally catches up with her and with not time to get sick she chooses a most unusual get-well remedy, courtesy of a house call from a most unusual doctor.

The big day arrives and the Alba family gathers en masse to see their brand-new kitchen. Will Jessica's surprise be a success?

(zdroj ... e/Eps1and2)

In these episodes, Jessica Alba decides to give back to her parents who downsized from a 5000 square foot home to a 1500 square foot home in order to be close to her. Jessica appreciates everything her parents have done for her, and so she enlists my help to create a kitchen where her family can hang out and spend time together. Jessica challenges me with the task of opening the small kitchen, but despite the major remodel of the kitchen, working with her proves to be a breeze. She's the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants and has amazing taste! She's quick to make decisions, and even offers advice about dating in the business. Not to mention that Jessica makes some mean enchiladas...

In between the challenging task of remodeling the Alba's kitchen, I find time to hire a new assistant, attend an event, take the Alba's dogs to be neutered and flirt with Jessica's brother (Man, is he hot!). In the end, all of Jessica's and my work pay off in a kitchen that impresses not only her parents, but their dogs, too! On top of her great taste, her dedication to her family and her cooking skills, Jessica shows that she's all heart and adopts a dog from my foundation The experience of working with Jessica was both enjoyable and rewarding, and I hope to do more with her in the future!

(zdroj Kari's Blog)

Autor:  Whill [ 10 bře 2007, 19:19 ]
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Mensi update... tady je to stejne video v jine kvalite [cca 80MB] (je to o cosi lepsi, ale zadna slava).

A tady potom dve promofotky:
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Autor:  Whill [ 20 bře 2007, 15:02 ]
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Nasel jsem jeste jinou verzi, kde je i neco navic (s Jessicinym bratrem). Taky zatim nejlepsi kvalita obrazu:

Cely porad je rozdeleny na dve videa, prvni dil je jeste rozdeleny rarem, aby se mi to vlezlo na Rapid:
1. video (cca 100 MB)
alba-kari_full_1of2.part1.rar (cast 1)
alba-kari_full_1of2.part2.rar (cast 2)
2. video (cca 86 MB) (nebo alternativni link)

(celkova delka: 16:32 min., *.wmv)

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